As everyone has been getting more comfortable with working remotely, video conferencing has become a major meeting tool for businesses, families, school districts, and governments. Zoom has been one of the major platforms that people have been using because it’s a free and easy to use, although, this has led to hackers having new ways to breach security and wreak havoc on these meetings by “zoombombing”.

Zoombombing is when the hackers break into Zoom meetings and begin displaying inappropriate content, such as videos, pictures, hate speech, and crude language. Zoombombing is occurring because the correct safety measures haven’t been taken to lock down these meetings.

During Covid-19, and anytime really, it is very important to make sure the correct security protocols are taken when deciding to use video conferencing. Other than Zoom, there are other software platforms to choose from; though these ones do cost a bit more they are more secure, such as GoTo Meeting, Teams, or WebEx.

Tips for Zoom to Help Prevent these Hacks:

  • Password protect the meeting – this helps lockdown the meeting to only the participants you want attending
  • Do not use personnel meeting ID’s – instead, assign a meeting ID to each exclusive meeting; you are able to generate a random meeting ID for extra security through the Settings. Also, do not publish this ID online in order to attract more participants as this opens the door for Zoombombers to enter and begin hacking.
  • Allow only one host – this way only that person can start the meeting, meaning Zoombombers can’t get in first and start that meeting for you
  • Disable screen sharing – this allows just the host to show their screen and then if needed the host can pass the screen sharing capability to whomever they choose
  • Enable the waiting room feature – this allows you to see who is joining the meeting before giving them access
  • Lock the meeting to outsiders – you can do this once everyone that has been invited has joined the meeting. You can also assign a co-host which allows that person to help control the situation during the meeting.

Video conferencing is going to remain an integral way for society to continue connecting, so it is ever important to make sure you’re taking the right safety and security measures when choosing which platform to use.

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