Why CorKat Cloud?

Work Anywhere, Anytime From ANY Device

Eliminates Capital Expenses

Reduces Overall Operating Costs

Frees Up Existing Resources

Eliminates Hardware/Software Maintenance

Upgrades and Backups Scalable

Flexible and Reliable

CorKat’s Cloud Computing satisfies your computing needs as a service rather than as a product. Through our world-class data centers, we provide critical business software such as email, productivity software and ERP, delivered over the Internet as a “utility” service.

What does CorKat’s Cloud Computing mean for your business?

Drastically increase your capital efficiency by converting what were once large capital expenditures to a cost-effective, fixed monthly operating expense – at the same time, improving the efficiencies of managing and using your computing resources.

Empower your people through anywhere/anytime access to your business applications, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, resources that were once devoted to IT are freed to reinvest in other business areas.

Is using Cloud Computing safe for your business?

In short, “Absolutely!” Concerns over the security and reliability of Cloud Computing are a thing of the past. The cost of lost opportunities through downtime of Cloud Computing is significantly lower than the costs of traditional computing.