Hosted Desktop

By moving your entire infrastructure – the data center, networking, servers, desktops and applications – to the cloud, you gain significant security, reliability, accessibility and flexibility.  Having everything in one place helps you manage your entire IT infrastructure and solution with greater ease.

Virtual Desktops

In many businesses, users desktops are the largest expense, headache, security threat and use of IT resources.  One of the most revolutionary uses of a hosted server is to virtualize your user desktops.  All of the benefits of Hosted Servers apply to Virtual Desktops, and many more.  And CorKat’s Hosted Servers are the ideal platform to virtualize user desktops.

Imagine your user desktops running on managed server-class hardware in a secure and redundant data center, connected to multiple high-bandwidth internet connections.  Your team connects from any internet connected device – PC, Mac, Linux, tablet or smartphone, from the office, home or the road.  You can continue to use your existing or legacy hardware to connect, or simple-to-manage and affordable thin- or zero-clients.  Now all of your business resources can be available anytime anywhere.


Terminal Services Remote Desktops – RDS

By using Remote Desktops (RDS), users securely connect to a terminal server for their desktop.  Each user’s applications run directly on the server using that server’s shared operating system and resources.  The advantage is simplicity, as terminal services have simpler infrastructure needs and costs.


VMWare Virtual Desktops – VDIs

Virtual Desktops, connect users securely to individual virtual machines running on a hosted server.  Each Virtual Desktop is a dedicated virtual machine, with dedicated resources, & each has its own operating system.  VDIs provide users with a familiar Windows desktop experience, including greater degree of personalization than an RDS.

Virtualization & Remote Access

With Virtualization and Remote Access, your computers live on server-grade hardware in our secure high-end data center, and monitored and managed by our team of network experts.  You access your server and desktops from any internet-connected device – PC, Mac, Linux, tablet, smartphone or thin/zero client – from anywhere as if it were your local desktop. Think of it like your monitor, keyboard and mouse have a really long cable (via the internet) to your computer in the data center. Everything is accessible from anywhere – convenient and secure.


Data Center & Network
Don’t try to build and maintain a world-class data center and network. Use ours.
Get those beasts out of your closet and rid yourself of the big capital expenses and upgrade cycles.
OS & Applications
By virtualizing your OSes and applications, you get redundancy, security and increased efficiencies.
User Desktops
Using Terminal Services or VMWare, desktops live in the cloud and can be access and managed from anywhere.
Backups & Security
Know your data is reliably backed up and secure from all kinds of threats, physical and virtual.
IT Services
Give your tech questions to Corkat’s Helpdesk, where we can help manage and support your entire solution.

Client Success Story

“Vergent Products chose CorKat for our server hosting and virtualization services for three key reasons: First, we needed a partner that was able to support the demands of a diverse computing environment. Second, we needed a scalable datacenter and network that could met our demanding growth, business continuity, and security requirements. Finally, we wanted a partner that could lead us to a improved end user experience at a lower cost. CorKat has delivered and continues to help Vergent Products evolve our IT into a strategic advantage.”

Tracy Ireland, Vergent Products – Loveland, CO