Worried about Ransomware?

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Hackers don’t play favorites, everyone is susceptible to their tactics and techniques that make them a Billion dollar industry.
Unfortunately, these attacks can be happening because of a weak link in your staff. Education about Ransomware and Phishing Threats need to be expressed from the top down and everywhere in between.
A recent study by leading security experts, sophos, suggests:

*Ransomware hits the US on average, 400,000 times per day!

*Phishing attacks resulted in $3.1 billion losses in 2016 alone
In 2016 over $1 billion dollars was paid to hackers to retrieve data held for ransom

* 70% of organizations report having been compromised by a successful cyber attack in the last 12 months

CorKat makes IT security simple, delivering the next generation of IT security solutions that protect millions of people against known and unknown threats worldwide.

Join us for a Webinar to learn about  Ransomware and how to protect yourself and your data. 

When: Tuesday August 29th @10:30am MDT

At this event you will learn:

More about phishing and how to stop it
Common tactics hackers use in their phishing attacks
The amount of damage hackers can inflict on your business
How to stop Ransomware before it stops you
Tools to educate your users on the threats
How to create security awareness in your business

Join us for a webinar!

Don’t Take The Bait!

Phishing is Big Business-Don’t Get Hooked!

In the last year, phishing attacks have seen a meteoric rise as attackers continue to refine tactics and share successful types of attacks. In particular, they’ve taken advantage of the malware-as-a-service offerings on the dark web in order to increase the efficiency and volume of attacks. In fact, 91% of
cyberattacks and their resulting data breaches now begin with a spear phishing email message.

When: Thursday September 28th @ 10:00am MDT

At this event you will learn:

How to spot a Phishing Attack
What to do when you spot the Phish
How to protect yourself from your business’ biggest threat-your employees