CorKat’s high-end data centers offer a secure, highly-configurable, carrier-grade environment in which businesses can collocate any part of their IT infrastructure.

Easily Scale Your Business With Colocation

Many companies still retain certain legacy infrastructure that must live out its initial investment – or that simply cannot be virtualized. CorKat provides colocation for business’ existing infrastructure, simultaneously enabling them to integrate with other hosted and virtualized solutions they may have or desire. As such, a hybrid solution provides for a systematic migration from legacy environments to these scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

CorKat’s Colocation solution provides clients networking with direct access to high-speed, reliable, and scalable IP networks, dedicated infrastructure and a high degree of control, removing concerns of physical infrastructure or other non-core business issues.

CorKat’s Colocation Offerings include:

Partial racks, 2U and up

Full racks



Private cages



Private “suites”

Commitment To Security

Customer equipment areas



Multi network carrier support




Power infrastructure and distribution




Fire detection and disaster control




Professional Services

Speed. Reliability. Support

Colocation Support

CorKat’s Colocation solution doesn’t mean that you are on your own.  Highly skilled and experienced staff of technical professionals are available to assist and guide its clients on an as-needed basis, billed either as an hourly, pay-as-you go model – or on a month-to-month retainer basis.

Hybrid Colocation

For business that wish to add hosting or managed services, CorKat can decrease their IT burdens and increase performance levels by working with its clients to avoid the costs and challenges associated with building and maintaining data centers of their own. With CorKat’s Colocation solution, businesses can access and maintain their infrastructure 24x7x365. These offerings include competitive and comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) covering latency, packet delivery, connectivity, and installation.

Colocation Success Story

When a leading federal employee background check company needed to change their data center, they had two choices: build their own facility costing over $300,000 or find a partner where they could colocate their servers. Because of the sensitive nature of their business, finding the right partner was imperative. After a thorough search, they turned to CorKat because our compliance and regulatory accreditations met and exceeded their needs and security requirements. Not only did they save hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront costs, but also the ongoing staff and infrastructure expenses. Instead, they pay a tiny fraction of that cost for CorKat to provide all of their data center needs.

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