Business Continuity

Backup. Replication. Disaster Recovery

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, are inevitable.

 That is why it is essential for companies to prepare in advance for them. Whether disaster comes in the form of a flood, tornado, earthquake or fire – or an intentional attack by disgruntled employees or terrorists – the need for disaster preparedness cannot be overemphasized, and you need a plan.


Data Backups

Backup is a periodic snapshot of your data, with copies stored over time-an archive of your data.

A local backup is of some value, and it will protect you from some of the data loss dangers, but has several weaknesses, and you are still susceptible to most of those same risks.

Backup with CorKat means your important data is offsite, in a secure and managed facility, and you will be able to retrieve your critical information when you need it.



Replication is a real-time or near real-time mirror of your data.

Replication involves copying and moving your critical data, applications and information between locations.

Critical information can change continuously throughout the day, and replication reduces what data might be lost in a failure, as well as keeps important applications and data available.

A replication solution with CorKat means your business-critical application and data remain available and you can continue working and quickly recover from a failure with minimal loss of data or time.

Backups are still important with Replication in order to keep multiple historical snapshots of your data.

Think of Replication as a RAID array for your data. A failure in one place (you local solution) doesn’t mean your data or application is lost.


Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery solution goes much further than Backup and Replication to include a full recovery solution.

If a server or computer goes down, your data is safe, but you then need to rebuild a working solution and then restore your data, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

CorKat’s Disaster Recovery solution establishes the processes, policies and procedures necessary to maintain a business’ critical operations, should a disaster occur, including an alternate IT hosting facility. Failure to have an effective and current Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can result in a major or complete interruption of business operations and a loss of revenue, customers, and company reputation.

The scale, complexity and depth of a DRP will vary dramatically from business to business. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. CorKat will work closely with companies to identify their specific Disaster Recovery Hosting needs and to tailor a solution to meet their specific needs and budget.

And once the DRP has been developed and implemented, CorKat continues to work with its clients to perform periodic assessments and reviews, ensuring that it remains a current and viable solution.

Think of Disaster Recovery as a real-time always-available clone of your systems.

If It’s Lost, We’ll Recover It.

What are the benefits of CorKat’s Business Continuity Solutions?

With CorKat’s Business Continuity solutions you know your data and critical business information is secure in the event of nearly any disaster. Now, a data or computer emergency or disaster is a recoverable event – not a business-crippling or business-ending one. Let us help build the right solution to protect your important information, applications and availability.

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