Decreased Total Cost of Ownership

With cloud computing solutions from CorKat, organizations no longer need to purchase expensive servers or systems while trying to maintain them in-house.  IT purchasing becomes an operational cost rather than the large traditional capital expenditures.

Business Continuity

CorKat’s cloud computing offerings keeps a business running even if an emergency or disaster occurs.  Company data and applications no longer need to be maintained on premise, allowing staff to work wherever there is an available internet connection.


CorKat offers the flexibility to expand and contract as your business demands change.  By delivering on-demand computing resources CorKat provides our clients with the most fiscally efficient solution at all times.

Reduce the IT Management Burden

CorKat helps simplify the demands being placed on your current IT staff by taking away the responsibility of upkeep on in-house systems.  CorKat is responsible for maintaining the hardware and allows IT staff to focus on the end user experience.

Focus on Your Core Business

CorKat provides a partner relationship with our clients that is vital in making future technology decisions.  This allows an organization to focus on the main areas of their business and trust that their data and applications are being handled with their best interests in mind.